Lost Beatle Found in Liverpool Basement

Pete Best, drummer for the Beatles from 1960 until 1962, was discovered in the basement of a  Liverpool woman on Sunday. Deloris Wainscoting of suburban Liverpool found the musician when she was "rummaging around looking for jars for strawberry preserves." Best, who is most well known for having been cut loose from the greatest rock band of all time one month before it's first number one hit was released, appeared slightly worn and was covered with dust, but seemed otherwise to be in fairly good condition. "This is really quite an interesting find," said Jamie Bowman of the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool. "Of course, it's not in the same category as the recent find of the lost Beatles interview at the Theatrer Royal Studios of Scottish Television in Glasgow from 1964. I mean, that's a real treasure. But finding Pete Best after all of these years , especially since no one was really looking for him, that's certainly nice. It is unclear at this time who owns the rights to the nearly anonymous drummer. Wainscoting said, "It would be nice if I could get a few quid for him, you know, on ebay, or the Antiques Road Show, or something." 


Best, shown here before disappearing into an old woman's basement.