In an unusual campaign strategy, Hillary Clinton implied that she, or perhaps someone who supports her candidacy, would likely kill her Democratic opponent Barack Obama, should he defeat her in the Democratic Presidential primary. "I'm not saying that anything is going to happen," said Clinton. "I'm just saying that people who go around making disrespectful comments like 'I have an insurmountable lead in delegates,' or, 'Michigan and Florida shouldn't count', people who say things like this should be very concerned about what might happen to them or to their family." I think that Mr. Obama has placed himself in a very precarious position here, and has some very important decisions to make that will have an impact on his safety and the safety of his loved ones in the near future." When asked pointedly by a reporter whether these comments were threats, Clinton demured, saying, "No, not at all. I just worry about Barack. June is, historically, a very dangerous month to be leading in a Presidential Primary. Look what happened to Bobby Kennedy. I also worry about the pressure that a person is put under when they have to endure the kind of stress to which a front-runner is subjected. You know what happens to people we know who are under stress. Look at Vince Foster. I just think that Barack and his family should think very hard about what happened to Vince Foster. I would sure hate for something like that to happen again."