Veterans of The Love Boat television show, which aired  on CBS from 1977 until 1986, roundly condemned Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama for never having appeared on the popular show, "not even in a cameo" during the program's successful 10 year run. "The late '70's and early 80's were a difficult time for our nation," said Gavin MCleod, who starred on The Love Boat as Captain Merrill Stubing, "and we at the Love Boat believe we helped Americans cope by providing them with a weekly helping of stale jokes, hopelessly implausible plot lines, and a seemingly endless array of washed-up television and movie has-beens. And where was Barack Obama during this time? Was he on the Aloha Deck, mixing drinks with Isaac? Was he on the Riviera Deck, helping Doc? Was he with Julie and Gopher, welcoming passengers? No. What was Barack Obama doing that was so much more important? He was graduating from college and working as a community organizer in a poor Chicago neighborhood. How elitist! Compare that to our Gopher. He served honorably as a House Representative to Iowa's Sixth Congressional District for 6 years, but not before serving honorably as purser on the Pacific Princess for ten years!

MCleod made his statements alongside actor Bernie Koppel (Doc) and Lauren Tewes (Julie) and Ted Lange (Isaac) at a press conference called to announce the formation of a political action group called "Love Boat Veterans For Truth, or LBVFT."  The group's mission, according to MCleod, is to shed the light of truth on what really went on in Barack Obama's career from 1977-1986, and allow the American voters to see how Barack Obama shamefully shirked his service to the Pacific Princess, her fine passengers, and Aaron Spelling productions at a time when the nation needed him.

The Love Boat story has already gained some traction on cable news and sources from FOX News have hinted that they are planning to devote the next two weeks almost exclusively to this story.