Fox To Start Wright Network

New York---Fox News Channel founder Roger Ailes  announced today the launching of “Reverend Wright News,” a 24 hour news network devoted to stories concerning Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s former pastor at Trinity United Church in Chicago. The network will provide, according to Ailes, “The kind of comprehensive coverage of Reverend Wright that has so far been lacking in the mainstream media.”  Ailes continued, saying, “Until now, much of the media has devoted time to stories that did not concern the disgraced former pastor of Barack Obama. We intend to lend some much needed balance by airing only stories concerning the disgraced former pastor of Barack Obama.”  Asked to describe his new network, Ailes replied, it will look a lot like Fox News, only with about 20% more coverage of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the man who was Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years, the man who presided at Barack Obama’s wedding and baptized his children, than man who said G.D. America’ and all of that other crazy, anti-American stuff. You will see lots of hard-hitting, insightful journalism aimed at keeping the public informed and up-to-date on all former Barack Obama pastor-related matters. Oh, and we might try running that “Half Hour News Hour” somewhere in there. You, know, with Jeremiah Wright jokes instead of John Kerry jokes.”


Jeremiah Wright is coming soon.