Is Obama A Manchurian Candidate?

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter expressed the fear shared by many mainstream Americans when she suggested that Barack Obama may be some sort of "Manchurian Candidate."  In an interview with CNN's Glenn Beck, she stated, "I think that what many voters will have to resolve is whether the man who won the Democrat Primary so impressively is really the candidate of change or is he just a remake of a movie from the 1960's? I mean, to put it another way, are we voting for the Audacity of Hope or for 'Flubber'?" Coulter continued, saying, "Really, it's worse than that. I think what Americans are truly wondering is, when they step into that voting booth in November, will they be voting for a Manchurian Candidate, for Flubber, for Son of Flubber, or maybe even Freaky Friday. This is something they should be asking themselves."

Campaign Contributor?

Did Saddam Hussein contribute money to Barack Obama's 2004 Senate campaign? This photograph suggests that he did!