Shepard Smith Thinks "Journalism Is Cool" After Seeing Movie About Journalists.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, in an interview with a local radio station today, revealed that he has "just heard about this 'journalism thing' and thinks that it's "really cool!"  Smith, better know as "Shep" who is known for his off-the-cuff; we're-just-chatting-over the-backyard fence, type of news delivery, told a reporter from wbly radio in Lindstrom, Minnesota today that, "A friend took me to a film festival yesterday and we saw 'All The President's Men', and, I mean, this thing blew me away! I had never seen this movie before. It's about these two newspaper reporters for the Washington Times, or the New York Post, or something like that, and there's this guy Nixon, or Dixon or something, who's this really badass president. He's just running around, using the FBI to spy on his political enemies, and bugging Democratic Party offices, and stuff like that. And this is the part that really gets me; these reporters, Woodale and Bergstrom, I think, I don't remember, you know, but it was Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, they do all of this crazy stuff, like interviewing sources, looking at bank records, visiting the library, and talking to people on the phone. They take the President DOWN, man!  My friend told me afterwards that what they were doing was called 'journalism'. He said it was kind of like what we do at FOX News. I wasn't so sure about that. I mean, in the movie, every story had to be confirmed by at least 3 sources, otherwise they wouldn't run it. We don't really have time for that at FOX. How could I have scooped everyone and reported on the death of the Pope before he died if I had to look for things like sources!?  Anyway, I get pretty stoked when I see a good movie. How do people come up with such imaginative ideas?  Who knows, if I ever leave FOX News, I may give this 'journalism' thing a try."